A team is only a team when it functions as a single entity

Geography and distance matters

Even in our connected world such seemingly quaint concepts as geography, culture, and distance still matter a great deal. Cultural mismatch, poor communication, delayed escalations, and lagging response times are some of the major reasons why outsourcing contracts fail.

The cultural exchange, shared history, and overall simpatico between the US and Latin America goes back centuries and makes it an ideal region for sourcing higher-value customer-facing and employee-facing talent.

Near-shore vs conventional

While traditional outsourcing has proven its ability to access resources at a lower price, it has often failed to live up to its promises – through hidden costs, poor delivery, inadequate quality, and slow response times. E2E’s near-shore outsourcing is the way to achieve the cost benefits of traditional outsourcing without the downside risks of an upside-down work schedule and the challenges of integrating cultures dramatically different from the US.

As the world becomes smaller and more connected, companies will continue to wrestle with globalization, hyper-competition, and unprecedented cost pressures. As a result, successful companies must innovate and stay flexible to survive. Businesses who stay focused on their core capabilities and competitive advantages are better positioned to dominate their markets, and therefore must rely on trusted operational partners with the expertise to reliably deliver non-core functions.

Working with our customers

E2E’s executive management and key staff work the same hours as our North American customers.
  • We are easily accessible for discussions and meetings, to quickly resolve escalations, and to timely respond to all requests.
  • Our customer satisfaction scores on communication skills rivals internal resources and native-English speakers.
  • Most of our operational centers are only a two to three hour flight from many major US cities

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