Who we are, what we believe, why we work

Flexible and responsive

E2E delivers diverse services and solutions via cross-functional teams with the required experience and expertise to resolve the unique operational needs of your company and your customers, while retaining the flexibility and adaptability needed to stay responsive to ever-changing business realities and constraints.

Emerging trends

The development of new technologies and trends – such as voice-data convergence, mobility, social media, and bring your own device – continue to produce challenging transformations in corporate operations. Rather than battle against these trends, we can help turn them into competitive advantages for your company – developing new sales channels, improving customer service and net promoter scores, and cost-effectively  offering difficult to source technical skills – combining your top internal talent with our remote talent to create a seamless organization working as one hybrid team.

Keeping your eye on your company’s core business objectives can create immediate advantages through quicker speed-to-market, significant cost savings, accelerated training, more flexibility, improved performance, and enhanced operational control.

Guiding principals

Outsourcing has often been done with an over-emphasis on cost savings and little thought to inherent risks. The most obvious sources for cost cutting often have serious downsides, introducing operational difficulties that can impact customer service, reduce revenues, and impose hidden costs that outweigh any savings.

Operational inefficiencies, cultural misunderstandings, lackluster communication, haphazard management, and delayed escalations and response times are all too common features of many outsourcing contracts. E2E’s near-shore partnering model is a new way. One that can achieve the cost benefits of traditional outsourcing without the downside risks of an upside-down work schedule and the challenges of integrating cultures dramatically different from the US.

We combine our capabilities and expertise with our customers to tune, rethink and redesign processes, leveraging our unique intellectual and human capital to assist in designing a better and more flexible resource model. In this way, E2E co-creates with our customers, delivering enhanced capabilities through innovation, knowledge, technology, and the skills of our people to deliver the highest possible value.

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